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Surf Zone is located in the beach club of the Morabeza Hotel. Although we are part of the hotel, we are an independently run kite and windsurf school.

Surf Zone has been in business for 15years and as such offers a professional and super friendly service. Our team lives here all year around and are therefore are very familiar with the conditions in the ocean here.  Surf Zone only provides private and semi-private lessons to ensure safe and high quality lessons.

Our school has two locations, one in front of the Morabeza hotel and one on the beach in front of the Riu Hotel (20min walk to 5min in a taxi).

On offer

Kite Lesson and Rentals.
For kite lessons we either transfer you to kite beach or to the beach in front of the Riu Hotel. Transfers included in the price. For rentals we recommend you kite at one of these two locations as well, you are welcome to transfer with our lessons. Our equipment is up-graded yearly.

Wind Surf lessons: These are done in front of the hotel.

Surf Lessons: These are taught on the left side of the pier beside the school.

Wind Surf Rentals: At the Morabeza Location we offer hourly and daily rentals at this location. Rentals will depend on your level and the conditions. At our other location we offer full rentals.

Stand Up Paddles & Body Boards: These can be rented at both locations

**Please note that since the growth of hotels in the Bay of Santa Maria, the wind has now become very irregular in the Bay. As such kiters and windsurfer have to venture out of the Bay to catch the wind. Due to safety reasons, we now encourage kite surfers to kite in front of our School on the Riu beach where we have a rescue boat or at kite beach.  For windsurfers the school in front of the Riu beach is great, as the wind is stronger closer to the beach and you can begin planning right away.

Santa Maria is a small place and everything is close to the hotel, even though you may have to venture to another beach to kite or windsurf, nothing is more than 5-10min away and really this hotel is spectacular and worth the short transfer time.

For more detailed information please visit our web site

Thank you and have a fantastic day.