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The People

Georges Vynckier, industrialist, conceived and developed, as a pioneer, renewable energies.
The first worldwide osmosis system operating with seawater was placed in Morabeza and produced 60 cubic meters of desalted sea water per day. The inauguration was made in 1976 by the former President of Cape Verde, Aristides Pereira (first President of Cape Verde, 1975-1991) who has always supported and encouraged the projects and developments of Hotel Morabeza which, to his point of view, integrated and progressed respecting the country’s reality. On that occasion, he could drink the first glass of desalinated seawater!
In 1980 the flat solar panels (75m²) and three parabolic mirrors for water heating were installed.
In 1985, a wind power plant (aeolian) of 55kw completed the hotel technical installations.
Finally, a wastewater recycling plant (the first on Sal) was set up in 2003.
Georges Vynckier passed away in 2008. A street was named after him in recognition of his important contribution to the country.

Geneviève Vynckier, who stopped by frequently on holiday ever since 1967, joined the team during the independence (1975) and developed the former holiday house into a hotel of 140 rooms and still continues to improve the installations. She is the king pin of the hotel’s development and Morabeza owes her for the excellent reputation it acquired.

Baudhuin Baert, of Belgian origin, took office in 1969. He was the technical leader of Morabeza and during more than 30 years he made sure that all of the construction work went smoothly. In collaboration with 2 woodworkers from Ghent—the De Zutters—and his Cape Verdean team, Mr. Baert completed the facilities and assured the functionality of the technical elements.

Patone Lobo was hired in 1974 and in that same year began working with Mrs. Vynckier. Shortly after the independence he became director of the hotel. Mr. Lobo left us in the year 2000 to establish his own hotel.

Sophie Vynckier - Marcellesi, the daughter of Georges and Geneviève has been working at the hotel since 1997. And since Patone’s departure, she’s been managing the establishment.

The staff: the majority of this extremely dedicated team is from Santa Maria village. There are currently 160 employees working at the hotel, 5 of which are European.
Some of our human resources are the grandchildren of our first collaborators.